Tech Snippets Today - Petra Molnar, Harvard Faculty Associate, Lawyer, and Anthropologist with Joseph Raczynski

Today we focus on migration and technology, and the people caught in the middle.

My guest, Petra Molnar, has written: The Walls Have Eyes: Surviving Migration in the Age of Artificial Intelligence offers a global story of the sharpening of borders through technological experiments while also introducing strategies of togetherness across physical and ideological borders.

Based on years of researching borderlands across the world, lawyer and anthropologist Petra Molnar’s The Walls Have Eyes is a truly global story—a dystopian vision turned reality, where your body is your passport and matters of life and death are determined by algorithm. Examining how technology is being deployed by governments on the world’s most vulnerable with little regulation, Molnar also shows us how borders are now big business, with defense contractors and tech start-ups alike scrambling to capture this highly profitable market.