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    Knowledge Management Forum 2019 - Emerging Technology and the Challenge of Data

    Presenter: The AI Impact on the Legal Industry

    London, England, May 2019


    Panelist & Speaker:

    Joseph Raczynski - Technologist

    West Virginia Bar Association Real Estate Division

    Presenter: The AI Impact on the Legal Industry

    Stonewall Resort, Roanoke, WV, May 2019



    Joseph Raczynski - Technologist

    Symposium On Artificial Intelligence and the Law - 5th Annual Conference of Brazilian and American Judges

    Presenter: AI in the Legal Profession: Present and Future

    American University Washington College of Law, Washington, DC, March 7, 2019



    Joseph Raczynski - Technologist

    Australian Legal Leaders’ Forum

    Presenter: – Law Firm 2025

    Pier One Hotel in Sydney, Sydney, Australia, November 2018



    Joseph Raczynski - Technologist


    New Zealand Legal Leaders’ Forum

    Presenter: – International keynote: the risks and rewards of innovation

    Hilton Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand November 2018



    Joseph Raczynski - Technologist


    UAE Managing Partners’ Briefing

    Presenter: Current State of Technology in Legal

    The Capital Club, Dubai, UAE – October 31, 2018


    Speaker & Moderator:

    Joseph Raczynski - Technologist

    GCS Advisory Annual Conference

    Presenter: – Our New World of Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies in the Legal & Financial Sector – Fundamentals, Applications, & Tokenization

    Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort, Grand Cayman – October 11-12, 2018



    Joseph Raczynski - Technologist

    Generate 2018

    Presenter: – Blockchain: The challenge, the reality and the opportunity ahead

    The Mermaid, London, September 19, 2018



    Federico Ast, Co-Founder, Kleros.io

    Joseph Raczynski - Technologist


    Generate 2018

    Presenter: – The dark side of the internet: How to avoid traps and maintain cybersecurity

    The Mermaid, London, September 19, 2018



    Tony Gee, Associate Partner - Pen Test Partners

    Joseph Raczynski - Technologist


    Financial Services Forum 2018

    Presenter: The future of business and innovation

    Prospero House, London, England – June 19, 2018



    Joseph Raczynski - Technologist

    National Society of Compliance Professionals

    Presenter: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Seminar

    Carnegie Hall - Thomson Reuters, New York – June 12, 2018



    Charlene Cieslik - Chief Anti-Money Laundering Officer, Coinsquare

    Joseph Raczynski - Technologist

    Regulation of Financial Services 2018

    MODErator: Examining Banking Modernization and the Global Regulationof Virtual Currencies Current State of Cybersecurity 2018

    Harvard Club of New York City, New York – May 17, 2018



    Joseph Raczynski - Technologist



    Alan Cohen - Of Counsel, Steptoe & Johnson LLP

    Lona Nallengara - Partner, Shearman & Sterling LLP

    2018 Public-Private Partnership Forum

    Presenter: Understanding blockchain technology and the impact of cryptocurrencies on the legal, financial, and regulatory markets.

    3 Events:

    The Westin Times Square, New York City – March 7, 2018


    The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte, NC – April 24, 2018


    The Mayflower Hotel, Washington, DC – April 26, 2018





    Joseph Raczynski - Technologist


    Learn more here.

    LAW Conference

    Presenter: Lawyers Associated Worldwide Conference – Artificial Intelligence and its Future in the Legal Industry 2018

    Costa Rica - Marriott Hotel San Jose – April 12 - 13, 2018



    Joseph Raczynski - Technologist

    Harvard Business School

    Moderator: How Should ICOs be Governed

    Harvard Business School, Boston, MA – April 7, 2018


    Blockchain, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Club first annual conference, held in conjunction with MIT-China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum and the Harvard Law Entrepreneurship Project's Blockchain Initiative.



    Joseph Raczynski - Technologist



    Anil Advani -Inventus Law

    Caitlin Long -Wyoming Blockchain Coalition

    Kendrick Nyugen - Republic

  • Past Speaking Engagements

    Knowledge Management Forum 2018

    Presenter: Future of Technology & Legal​

    etc.venues County Hall, London, March 15, 2018



    Joseph Raczynski - Technologist


    PRIA Winter Symposium

    Presenter: Current State of Cybersecurity 2018


    The Hotel Monteleone, New Orleans – February 27, 2018



    Joseph Raczynski - Technologist


    ACAMS - Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists

    Presenter: Blockchain And Cryptocurrencies


    Black Rock Yacht Club, Bridgeport, CT- 12/15/2017


    How is blockchain going to impact anti-money laundering in the coming years and we will do a deep dive into cryptocurrencies.



    Joseph Raczynski - Technologist


    Learn more here.

    Blockchain 360 - IoT Conference

    Panel: Exploring blockchain Proof of concepts in deployments and use cases across industries​

    InterContinental Times Square, New York, NY - 10/23/2017


    How does the banking industry leverage blockchain?



    Joseph Raczynski - Technologist



    MartinLehofer - Blockchain Head of Research - Siemens

    IgorTelyatnikov - COO - AlphaPoint

    Ron Quaranta -Chairman - Wall Street Blockchain Alliance

    INSOL Europe Annual Congress

    Panalist: Legaltech 4.0​

    Sofitel Victoria Warszawa - 10/5/2017 - 10/8/2017


    LegalTech 4.0 and its impact on the European Union



    Joanna Goodman (Joanna Goodman, UK)
    Judge Erik Boerma (Court of Breda, The Netherlands)
    Joseph Raczynski (Thomson Reuters, USA)
    Gunther Thies (STP Information Technologie, Germany)

    The 2017 Emerging Legal Technology Forum

    Panel: Paradigm Shift: Examining the Blockchain Revolution in Law​

    Toronto, Canada - 9/21/2017


    Blockchain technology is poised to transform the contemporary business landscape. Already making in-roads across a wide swath of sectors, blockchain will force both in-house and outside counsel to cultivate a thorough understanding of this nascent technology in order to better service clients. This panel addresses three crucial questions for the 21st-century lawyer: What is blockchain? How is it impacting clients? And how might current (or forthcoming) technological advancements impact the legal profession?


    Robert E. Craig, Chief Information Officer, Baker & Hostetler LLP
    Joseph Raczynski, Entrepreneur & Founder, Joe Technologist; Manager, Technical Client Management, Thomson Reuters

    ILTACON 2017

    Presenter: BLOCKCHAIN in Legal​

    Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV - 8/15/2017


    Blockchain and distributed ledgers will transform contracts and transactions in many industries, particularly finance, banking, insurance, real estate and any industry with complex supply chains. The promise of the distributed nature of blockchain is that it eliminates many costs and risks from large-scale transactions. This new environment will create roles for lawyers capable of understanding the unique issues raised by blockchain contracts and digital ledgers. Lawyers serving blockchain-ready industries are facing profound changes to the way they work with clients in the next five years.


    Sarah Bruno - Partner, Arent Fox

    Joseph Raczynski - Technologist

    ILTACON 2017

    Panel Discussion: Innovative Applications of Blockchain in Legal Infrastructure and Beyond​

    Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV - 8/15/2017


    Blockchain technology may be the most important addition to legal infrastructure since the Norman Conquest gave rise to the common law. Blockchain is already being used in the financial sector to supplant paper-based and traditional computing models for trust-dependent transactions. It's being used to register land titles, replace notary functions and manage other peripheral legal functions. The big game is on the horizon. In the transactional realm: Applications like self-enforcing, trustless smart contracts, legal notices, and IP & land records. In the litigation realm: Applications like providing legal guidance to your clients on how Blockchain networks are affected by laws. In the emerging practice area realm: Applications like creating a 'white label' solution and establishing yourself and/or firm as the preferred provider.



    John Alber - ILTA Futurist


    Stephen Palley - Of Counsel, Anderson Kill

    Joseph Raczynski - Technologist

    British Legal Technology Forum 2017

    Presenter: Blockchain in The Legal Sector - Taking the Smart Approach​

    The Old Billingsgate, London, England- 3/14/2017


    What is Happening Now for Law Firms in this Space?

    Where will Blockchain take off in the Legal Industry?

    What the Future May Look like with Blockchain?



    Joseph Raczynski - Technologist


    Learn more here.


    VALL 2016

    Cybersecurity Trends: The Threat, Impact and Awareness of Law Firm Security​

    Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, Richmond, VA - 10/14/2016


    We are all aware of, and probably have experienced first-hand, the effects of an unwanted data breach. Maybe you were forced to change an online password, acquire a new credit card number or you lost important files corrupted by malware. At best, these incidences have been hassles. At worst, entire identities and fortunes can be compromised. Now, consider your law firm and its clients. What effects would a data breach have on the work-product, attorney/client privilege and financial stability of these organizations? The growing interest in cybersecurity comes as no surprise considering how much important information could be at risk. As legal professionals, we
    should all be aware of cybersecurity trends and their impacts on the legal industry. Learn more here.


    Joseph Raczynski, Manager, Technical Client Management, Thomson Reuters


    ILTACON 2016

    Panel Discussion: Thomson Reuters Practice Technologies Update​

    Gaylord Convention Center, National Harbor, MD - 8/30/2016


    With the number and variety of practice applications available from Thomson Reuters, it can prove challenging to keep track of them all and stay current with the latest versions and corresponding capabilities. To help, we will provide an inventory of current product offerings, highlighting the most significant enhancements available in recent releases. We will include a solid glimpse toward the Thomson Reuters development horizon, with discussions focused on application integration, data analytics and cognitive computing. For more information click here.


    Lance Odegard, Director, National Technology, Thomson Reuters


    Joseph Raczynski - Manager, Technical Client Management - Eastern US, Thomson Reuters

    Andrew Murray, Manager, Technical Client Management - Western US, Thomson Reuters


    The 4th Annual Midwest Legal Executive Forum

    Panel Discussion: Forming the Phalanx: Lessons on Managing Talent and Fostering a Culture of Vigilance​

    University Club of Chicago, Chicago, IL - 5/11/2016


    Statistically speaking, data breaches originate far more often from internal—as opposed to external—sources. Whether through sheer human error or lackadaisical employee behavior, today’s corporate leadership faces the unenviable task of cultivating a culture of enterprise vigilance vis-à-vis data security standards and expectations. This panel offers essential guidance on talent management, training, and retention techniques in both private and publicly-held companies large and small. Register here.


    Joseph Raczynski, Manager, Technical Client Management, Thomson Reuters

    William Dixon, Vice President, Stroz Friedberg

    Paul Gupta, Partner, ReedSmith

    Richard Rushing, Chief Information Security Officer, Motorola Mobility


    Cybersecurity and You

    Securing Legal Information: Threat, Impact, and Awareness​

    University of Maryland, Baltimore College - 4/8/2016


    This is a presentation at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County around Cybersecurity trends and their impacts on the legal industry. I speak about the threats that law firms face. Why they are happening now and ways to mitigate these threats. Please register or see the day's agenda here.



    Joseph Raczynski - Technologist


    Video Recording of Event: click here

    EdTech DMV

    Panel Discussion on Technology Career Information for the Youth of Today

    LivingSocial, Washington, DC - 2/16/2016


    This is a discussion among various professional backgrounds and disciplines on education and deciphering the trajectory of our school's learning systems. Are we preparing our students for the next major shift of business and technology? What do students need to learn today to prepare for tomorrow? I speak from the of the large corporate perspective about the future of technology for all of us, both young and old. Learn more here.


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    Originally published on the Legal Executive Institute. By Joseph Raczynski WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Government sector strives to ramp up its efforts to more widely integrate cutting edge technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT), it is running into a...
    Originally published on AnswersOn. By Joseph Raczynski I have been incredibly fortunate to have traveled extensively, which has impacted my global vision. Visiting almost 40 countries, I have witnessed firsthand the enormous discrepancies in wealth, opportunities, and lifestyles that exist...
    Originally published in Legal Insights Europe. By Joseph Raczynski Like the legal industry itself, legal technology conferences are transforming and Legal Geek is leading the change. These industry events are finally beginning to mirror the, more, customer centric start-up community perspective...
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  • Who Am I

    Quick Overview

    Joseph Raczynski

    Technologist - Futurist

    My Predictions:

    • In 2025 your car insurer will incentivize you to NOT drive your car as driverless cars dominate
    • In 2035 it will be illegal for humans to drive
    • 2020 you will be receiving small packages via drone at your house
    • 2018 your new camera will be a self-aware drone
    • In 2025 there will be a world currency – Bitcoin or like cryptocurrency
    • 2020 Wireless power will illuminate lights and charge your devices without wires
    • 2025 Massive power companies will be almost unnecessary – sub stations will reign
    • 2025 Cable TV will not exist
    • 2030 A significant number of traditional colleges will no longer exist
    • 2025 Many of the AMLAW top 200 law firms will no longer exist



    All facets of technology are at the center of my life.  It propels the excitement of my learning every day.  An early adopter with all things Internet related, I now explore AI (computer learning), 3D Printing, mobile, security, cryptocurrency, and drone technology.  Exponential growth utilizing these technologies will continue to push our existence and how we interact with our surroundings.  I am an avid fan of these topics which you can read about in my blog.


    Born in Washington, DC, I grew up in Bethesda, MD and graduated from Providence College with a double major in Economics and Sociology. After undergrad I volunteered in Mexico for a year assisting grade school children.  I then worked at CoStar Group managing two successful teams of researchers and writers for the commercial real estate information provider. 

    Inspired by the previous startup, I founded wapUcom, LLP consulting with companies in web and wireless development. As a side project DC WiFi was created as a nonprofit to help create a web of open wireless WiFi access points across Washington and beyond and educate people about wireless security. 

    I have been with Thomson Reuters Legal since 2006 and currently manage a team of Technical Client Managers for both the Large Law and Government segments. We serve the top law firms in the world, customizing legal technology solutions to assist in integrating our products and services into their workflows. I also worked in the Fraud Prevention and Investigation (FP&I) division assisting companies use public and proprietary data to prevent fraud on individuals and businesses. I have recently completed my MS in eCommerce and MBA from the University of Maryland, UC.


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    See how Google Glass works on the road.  One of its best features is the navigation. 

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