Tech Snippets Today - Dan Nikolaides, CTO of MetalCore with Joseph Raczynski

Today we’re venturing into Web3 gaming. Backed by a team of creatives from LucasFilm, Disney, Activision among others, we’re diving into a brand new game about to launch (in Closed Beta) called MetalCore. I spoke with Dan Nikolaides, CTO of MetalCore, which is a multiplayer combined arms shooter, and is one of the first games built on Immutable zkEVM live on MainNet.The game combines high-quality traditional gaming comparable to Destiny and TitanFall with true asset ownership. Set in a dystopian alien world, the game is visually inspired by titles such as Star Wars and was designed by acclaimed science fiction and fantasy artist Stephan Martiniere — best known for his work on Star Wars, Tron: Legacy, and Star Trek.