Tech Snippets Today – American Express – Brett Sussman - VP Business Blueprint & Banking with Joseph Raczynski

How are small and medium sized businesses fairing post pandemic? What are entrepreneurs’ most significant challenges, and what will the economy look like over the next year? Those are some fascinating and weighty topics! All of these timely topics, and a discussion about the recent U.S. digital transaction service, FedNow, including an overview of what Business Blueprint & Banking at American Express will look like over the coming years were packed into this podcast. This was a delightful conversation with Brett Sussman, Vice President Business Blueprint & Banking, American Express.

To add perspective, Brett has been at American Express for over 20 years, working in a variety of roles spanning strategy, product management, marketing, and other critical business facets. Interestingly enough, he was responsible for overseeing the Kabbage, now Business Blueprint, merger integration with American Express and led navigating the integration of offices and longer-term product line strategies. He comes from a large family of entrepreneurs, so this world flows through him naturally.

Think of Business Blueprint & Banking at American Express as a digital one-stop shop for small businesses’, focused on financial needs, helping with cash-flow visibility, and enabling smart decision-making during challenging economic times. It’s a financial platform to know your business numbers.

From American Express:

American Express (AMEX) Business Blueprint is a digital cash flow management operation within the larger financial company built exclusively for small businesses. And Business Blueprint enables customers to manage their AMEX Business products like the business line of credit, business credit cards, and business checking accounts.