Tech Snippets Today – Senpex - Anar Mammadov - Technical Co-Founder, with Joseph Raczynski

This was a very interesting conversation about the future of logistics, that cumbersome “last mile” of getting you what you want quickly and efficiently. In this wide-ranging conversation with Anar Mammadov, Technical Co-Founder at Senpex, we focused on the revolution of how AI is improving this industry. In addition, we touch on autonomous vehicles, as well as other integral logistics technologies and their social acceptance and legal implications.

With 18 years of experience in enterprise solutions, Mammadov, is the owner and CEO of Senpex Technology, a personalized logistics and delivery service that utilizes groundbreaking artificial intelligence to optimize routes. He has been featured in Tech Times, highlighting the uses of their AI-driven, logistics software as well as in Market Watch, LA Weekly, and also Tech Bullion which features the efficiency of Senpex software as a last-mile logistics service.