Tech Snippets Today - Alex Fink - Founder - the Otherweb with Joseph Raczynski

As you know, we are in an AI revolution. Healthcare, education, transportation, entertainment, to LegalTech and FinTech; each are being transformed and artificial intelligence is set to upend every aspect of our lives.
But alas… AI has a glaring weakness, Internet misinformation.

Alex is here today sharing what we need to know about the future of AI, its impact on our lives, and why combatting internet misinformation is crucial.

Alex Fink is a Tech Executive, Silicon Valley Expat, and the Founder and CEO of the Otherweb, a Public Benefit Corporation that uses AI to help people read news and commentary, listen to podcasts and search the web without paywalls, clickbait, ads, autoplaying videos, affiliate links, or any other junk. The Otherweb is available as an app (ios and android), a website, a newsletter, or a standalone browser extension.
You can learn more about the Otherweb here: