Tech Snippets Today - Scott Dust - Chief Research Officer - Cloverleaf with Joseph Raczynski

The hype over AI is in full flex mode, especially around GenAI. The focus today will be around how AI can be used in learning and development, offering a glimpse into a new era where personalized, scalable coaching becomes the norm rather than the exception. We start this conversation with Scott Dust, Chief Research Officer at Cloverleaf surrounding education and AI and then dive into how companies are adjusting to the new normal.

Scott Dust, Ph.D. is the Fealy Family Chair in Entrepreneurship and an Associate Professor in the Department of Management at the Lindner School of Business, University of Cincinnati. Dr. Dust's research, teaching, and consulting focus on leadership and team development. He has consulted internationally on leadership development initiatives, including as the Chief Research Officer for Cloverleaf (HR-Tech) and as an advisor to Harvard Business Publishing Education. He is also the principal of the Assessment Validation Institute, which focuses on human capital analytics and assessment validation.

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