Tech Snippets Today – WillowTree - Tobias Dengel - President with Joseph Raczynski

This was an amazing conversation with Tobias Dengel, President of WillowTree. We deep dive into the impact of voice on all digital technology both now and what is right around the corner. This is weighty stuff.


Dengel has a fascinating argument that voice technology is poised to drastically alter the way we live and how companies do business. He says it’s a shift as
fundamentally important as mobile a decade ago and the Internet in the late

Dengel is at the forefront of this breakthrough and works with some of the best-known brands in the world such as T Mobile, Mastercard, Capital One, HBO, Fox, and more, designing and developing their websites, apps, internal systems and voice interfaces. He understands voice technology's profound, wide-ranging implications for every industry and counsels leaders about how their companies must adapt to the coming age of voice.


During a brief, Dengel can explain how the “voice-first” experience is becoming part of the global technology mainstream, exploring the ways voice will do a better job of serving basic human needs like speed, safety, inclusion, and more.

His book, The Sound of the Future: The Coming Age of Voice Technology, is out now.