Tech Snippets Today – GoodDollar – Anna Stone – Executive Director, with Joseph Raczynski

Today I had a really encouraging and thoughtful conversation with Anna Stone, Executive Director at GoodDollar. GoodDollar is a protocol to deliver a global universal basic income (UBI) to anyone who wants it. Their philosophy is that they believe this is a great way to onboard more people into Web3, and to give out digital money that people can use to improve their lives. Their vision is a world where everyone has access to basic economic assets and financial products that are inclusive by design.

On the heels of the Sam Altman’s Worldcoin token release, and lines of orb gazing participants, we discuss what universal basic income (UBI) looks like, how people can maintain their privacy, and how future identity management works in Web3. GoodDollar has a novel and important approach to this burgeoning and increasingly important space. Anna has an amazing perspective on all of this and she shares her thoughts with us today.