Tech Snippets Today - Gerald Heydenreich - Founder - EtherMail with Joseph Raczynski

I was delighted to have Gerald Heydenreich, Founder of EtherMail. In case you have not heard, interactions with NFTs, cryptocurrency, and all things blockchain can be a bit painful to control. Not anymore!

Recently EtherMail launched its Email-as-a-Wallet (EaaW) solution, enabling users to create non-custodial wallets through Gmail or Apple accounts in under one minute – broadening the accessibility of blockchain-based applications and services to billions of users worldwide who currently don’t have a digital wallet. EtherMail has over 500,000 users and announced a $4 million funding round led by the powerhouse of Tim Draper and Draper Associates last year.

Email-as-a-wallet provides a familiar and easy entry point for users to explore the Web3 space, and seamlessly buy, send and receive digital assets, while circumventing the steep Web3 learning curve. Email as a wallet includes a ‘know what you sign’ feature, allowing users to review transaction details as an email before signing the transaction.

This was an amazing discussion where we touched on the potential of blockchain and how to onboard the masses.