Tech Snippets Today – aelf Portkey - Steven Dung – CTO, with Joseph Raczynski

Wonderful conversation today with Steven Dung, CTO, of Portkey, part of the aelf ecosystem. We discussed the current state of blockchain, wallets and the evolution of people from Web2 to Web3.

Mainnet has recently welcomed the deployment of the first CA (contract account) contract by Portkey, the first CA wallet project from aelf ecosystem. Approved by all BPs, the Portkey.Contracts.CA contract is up and running, and will soon be connected to the Portkey project whose goal is to become the entry point for Web2 users and projects to migrate into Web3.

aelf’s ecosystem has been steadily expanding since the end of 2021 with the maturation of its infrastructure. Aiming to support a vibrant Web3 economy, aelf particularly made efforts to achieve one technical breakthrough: account abstraction which is deemed as the technology to revolutionize the Web3 wallet and drive mass migration from Web 2 to Web3.