Future of Legal AI - Joseph Raczynski - ILTA Podcast

This podcast panel showcases the two experts in the field of legal technologies. This thought-leadership piece will showcase an epic conversation highlighting the state of legal technology, future innovation, and getting into the brass tacks of what makes a legal technology the best.

Questions the moderator will ask the speakers:

1) With so many different legal technologies out there, it can be difficult to know what is right for your firm. Do you have any guiding principles that you follow when selecting a legal technology to adopt?

2) AI is the buzzword right now. Rightfully so with the impact we are seeing. If you were to go into the future 5 years and look back, how do you hope AI will be developed to better serve the firm and your clients?

3) Without naming names, of all the different legal tech companies that you have worked with, are there any characteristics or traits that other firms can look for when deciding who to partner or not partner with?

Moderator: @Josh Moore - Lead Solutions Expert, NetDocuments Speakers: @Joseph Raczynski - Technologist & Futurist, Founder, Joe Technologist Consulting & Media

@Julie Strachan-Heiber - Global Client Director, Thomson Reuters

Available to anyone on Podbean (audio only) https://www.podbean.com/eas/pb-gz5gn-14e9200