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Future Forum Dubai: How Do We Define Wealth In The Future?

Happy to have been a part of this session "How Do We Define Wealth In The Future?" to uncover the potential shift away from traditional monetary forms of value and the role emerging technologies will play in creating alternative forms of wealth.

The Future Forum is an annual event hosted by the Dubai Future Foundation convening over 400 of the world’s top futurists to Dubai to anticipate challenges, imagine opportunities, share foresight, and shape the future. The first edition of the Dubai Future Forum will be taking place in October 2022 at the Museum of the Future in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.It took place over two days at the iconic Museum of the Future, the Forum provided an international platform for futurists and thought leaders, from diverse sectors, to build a long-lasting community by engaging on tomorrow’s most pressing issues; cementing Dubai’s position as a rising global hub for futures leadership and action.

This year’s Forum will hosted 30 sessions with a focus on four key themes: the Future of our World; Mitigating Existential Risk through Foresight; Value and Humanity; and Hedging our Bets through Foresight.

The Dubai Future Foundation seeks to reimagine and inspire Dubai’s future in collaboration with public and private sector partners to create initiatives, programs, and thought leadership to inform and implement on a local and global stage. The most visible manifestation of this determination is the recently opened Museum of the Future.

Duncan Cass-Beggs, Counsellor for Strategic Foresight, OECD,

Dr. Susann Roth, Chief of Knowledge Management, Asian Development Bank,

Joseph Raczynski, Technologist and Futurist,

#TheFutureWeMake #MuseumOfTheFuture


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