Tech Snippets Today – Next Earth - David Taylor – Co-Founder & CPO, with Joseph Raczynski

This was an amazing conversation about the intermix between AI, decentralization, and the future of AI powered applications. I spoke with David Taylor, Co-Founder & CPO at Next Earth, who just launched Next Earth AI Labs. We meander through the current state of AI to the end of time and everything between.

Next Earth AI Labs recognize the importance of disruptive technologies and the impact they can have on our lives. By embracing this cutting-edge technology, they opened the door to new and exciting possibilities that will help us achieve their vision. Their focus is tapping a world of AI and its potential to create the first generation of AI powered applications, based on web2 compatible web3 developer platform, Next Earth Operating System (NEOS).

Next Earth AI Labs already has a dozen projects in the discovery phase and some are almost ready to hit the market as MVPs. Some of them will be closely tied to the Next Earth platform from the beginning, some will be integrated in a later phase by having the projects’ backend run on NEOS. The very first AI project of Next Earth will help companies automate the lead generation process.