Tech Snippets Today - New Series Release!

As a way to encapsulate my travels and meetings with ridiculously accomplished and fascinating people from around the world, I am releasing a new series called Tech Snippets Today. These are informal conversations with some of the brightest minds across the world pushing the limits on emerging tech.

On a normal day, before major conferences, I get about 30 requests a day to meet and talk. In the past I have discrete conversations with individuals and have done write-ups, or taken copious notes for later ideation sessions. These are often too good for me alone to enjoy. To that end, going forward new conversations will be recorded with some of these people, businesses, and stories that I have found to be the most intriguing in technology today.

Enjoy the chats as they come, interspersed with normal blogging here at and often mirrored at Thomson Reuters.

I am looking forward to this, with some very cool interviews coming... one quick teaser. The grand master chess player who lost to IBM Deep Blue AI back in 1996... is in the editing queue right now.

If you have any comments, feel free to reach out!6