Tech Snippets Today – Metaverse Standards Forum - Neil Trevett – Chair, with Joseph Raczynski

Lovely conversation today with Neil Trevett, Chair of the Metaverse Standards Forum! We get to hear about what led him to his position and the important need that the Forum is working on right now, as the Metaverse takes off. I have seen this firsthand when meeting with companies and firms of all sizes. They are looking for a guiding light on all things standards and interoperability, as well as finding a common ground with this soon to be mainstay of the future of the internet.

Interoperability is the bedrock of the metaverse, to enable multiple disruptive technologies to work together, to build bridges between applications to scale beyond a series of disconnected silos, and to evolve a platform that is open and inclusive for all.

Open to any organization, the Metaverse Standards Forum provides a venue for cooperation between standards organizations and companies to foster the development of interoperability standards for an open and inclusive metaverse, and accelerate their development and deployment through pragmatic, action-based projects.

Forum Establishes Pipeline of Exploratory and Domain Working Groups – The Forum has initiated a pipeline of member-driven Exploratory and Working Groups that are meeting regularly to create Charters and execute the projects they define. The Working Groups currently include ‘3D Asset Interoperability using USD and glTF’, ‘Digital Asset Management’, ‘Metaverse Standards Register’ and ‘Real/Virtual World Integration.’ The exploratory groups currently include ‘3D Web Interoperability‘, ‘Digital Fashion Wearables for Avatars, Interoperable Characters/Avatars’, ‘Network Requirements and Capabilities’, ‘Privacy, Cybersecurity & Identity’ and ‘Technical Interoperability and End-User Troubleshooting.’