Tech Snippets Today – HackerEarth – Vishy Shukla – CTO; OccSaviors - Jeffrey Miller - Founder, with Joseph Raczynski

Web3 is rapidly deploying globally. There are those that are building, and those that are harnassing the skills to build. One can birth the other.

In today's discussion, I speak with Vishwastam (Vishy) Shukla, Chief Technology Officer at HackerEarth, which is a tech hiring platform that helps recruiters and engineering managers effortlessly hire the best developers thanks to a powerful suite of virtual recruiting tools that help identify, assess, interview and engage developers. They also put on a ton of hackathons. One huge winner from a recent HackerEarth hackathon, OccSaviors. They fight for Honest Occupational Health Hazard Standards. Founder and industrial hygienist Jeffrey Miller details how the decentralized project looks to give occupational workers the fuel they need to track their exposure levels by using NFTs.

It's great to see how education in technology, especially in Web3, can create amazing new companies.