Tech Snippets Today - Daniel Fogg - CEO at RootstockLabs with Joseph Raczynski

This company is one of the OG in the industry. I really enjoyed this conversation with Daniel Fogg, CEO at RootstockLabs. We met at the recent Consensus conference in Austin. Their combination of history with Bitcoin and what they are doing to build decentralized applications by bringing Ethereum smart contracts to Bitcoin. This will only better grow the ecosystem for years to come.

From the company:

RootstockLabs is led by our mission to give developers the tools to build on Bitcoin, support the growth of the Rootstock ecosystem, and expand the frontiers of decentralized technology.

Our History

In 2009, Bitcoin made financial transactions without intermediaries possible for the first time, treating all users as equals. From early in its journey, members of RootstockLabs were already contributing to Bitcoin’s development.

In 2015, the Rootstock Whitepaper was published by a group of Argentinian engineers and entrepreneurs as a way to solve real problems with an economy that was failing them. Launched as the first Bitcoin sidechain, Rootstock brought Ethereum’s smart contract capabilities to Bitcoin for the first time, while making transactions cheaper, faster, and more scalable.

In 2017, RootstockLabs was born from our belief that Rootstock would be critical for Bitcoin to reach civilization scale.

In 2019, we launched the Rootstock Infrastructure Framework (RIF), a set of decentralized protocols that make it easier, faster and more rewarding for developers to build cutting edge products and services on Bitcoin using Rootstock.

Today, Rootstock is home to a thriving ecosystem of apps and services that are cryptographically, philosophically and economically aligned to Bitcoin. RootstockLabs exists to serve the growing community building on Bitcoin using Rootstock and RIF technology.

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