Tech Snippets Today - BlueQubit - Hrant Gharibyan - Co-founder & CEO BlueQubit with Joseph Raczynski

Quantum is the next great emerging technology that few are really talking about, until now. Today we spoke with Hrant Gharibyan, Co-founder & CEO at BlueQubit. He has focused on a number of different areas including the model of traversable wormholes in holography to develop a new kind of teleportation protocol. Yes, we talked about wormholes. He named this protocol the teleportation by size protocol and wrote a paper on Quantum Gravity in the Lab. Experimental realizations of this protocol on a superconducting quantum computer and ion trap quantum devices can probe many interesting features of Einstein’s gravity, such as the existence of wormholes and the scrambling of information in black holes.

BlueQubit is a California-based startup specializing in crafting GPU- accelerated quantum infrastructure and QC platform tailored for hybrid classical-quantum algorithms. As its co-founder and CEO, Hrant Gharibyan plays a pivotal role in guiding its scientific innovations and fostering strategic partnerships. Hrant is a Stanford-trained quantum scientist with a decade of experience in quantum physics and algorithms as a Simon’s Fellow at Caltech and researcher at Google’s Quantum AI team.