How Twitter… err, X Will Transform Everything

X is official. The little blue birdie has taken its flight to a new destination, leaving us all to wonder what the future holds for X and its quirky components. Will this transformation lead to soaring heights or a humorous flop? Let's untangle the enigma of X!

Elon Musk, the visionary behind X, has unveiled his grand plan to revolutionize the app in not one, not two, but five spectacular ways:

Payments $$
Elon promises that X will become the most impactful financial system in the world. Forget cash or credit cards; it's all about cryptocurrency now! Soon, you'll be tapping your way to buy dinner, tipping your friends for their epic tweets, and even paying for legitimate services, all through DMs. We're embracing the creator economy, folks! You could do this all via a DM. In essence, what you have here is the beginning of use cases at scale for Web3 – though we are still figuring out how centralized this will be verses the strict constructionist view on Web3 being completely decentralized. There are components of both in this model. This is a creator economy.

Do This:
Get on board with this crypto-payments extravaganza. Time to monetize your novel content, hilarious ideas, and those adorable cat videos. Build your network, create a content storm, and get paid for being awesome!

Tweets or X's:
Premium members, rejoice! Say goodbye to character limits and hello to longer tweets that can probably rival The Odyssey in length. X is now your very own publishing house. So, let those creative juices flow, because the more engaging your content, the higher your rank, and the fatter your payout! Obviously the more creative content you deliver, the higher your content will be ranked and ultimately you could get paid out more for it.

Do This:
Ditch the traditional blog and embrace the X life. Write epic sagas, personal stories, and structured task lists with pictures, videos, and whatever else makes your content pop like confetti. Think about your ideas in a structured task form with bullet points and, if easy, pictures, short video clips etc. to pull in eyes.

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Lights, camera, action! Get ready for the video revolution on X. You can now upload a 10-hour video! That's right; you heard it correctly. The possibilities are endless, from vlogging your daily life to creating your own cinematic masterpiece. New features were recently added to X including picture in picture and swipe for new video. The algorithm has been programed to favor this form of media as well.

Do This:
Most feel far more comfortable filming themselves than even five years ago, thanks, TicTok! So embrace your inner Spielberg. Grab your phone, film yourself doing something epic, and sprinkle it with filters for that Hollywood touch. X'ing out that video will surely skyrocket your content's monetization!

Native Coins:
Here's where things get a bit cryptic - X might just have its own coin! Like, a token that you can use to tip or pay your fellow X enthusiasts. It could be the next-gen Libra, but the jury's still out on that one. There are rumblings that X will have its own coin. What that might look like and the technology behind it is yet to be determined, however, you can be sure it will be incorporated into everything. This could be the token that you use to tip or pay people with. It could be the version of Libra that Facebook flopped with. I think this might be the most difficult one for X to pull off in the short term. There are significant headwinds on the crypto/token/ front for large institutions. All of this will eventually work, but it will take time for both the public and governing bodies to agree on what the US is comfortable with on this front. Think AML/KLC, and honestly who has the power to control the production of what we call money.

Do This:
Honestly, if you have not opened an account of $5-10 worth of crypto, you should. If only to see how it can be transacted between two entities. It is the future of commerce and is worth practicing. You can keep it safe on an exchange or go the self-custody route, which is also important to be aware about.

If you have not joined Spaces yet, you're missing out on some top-tier entertainment. Think of it as a podcast on steroids, with thought leaders and really loud people discussing various topics.

Do This: 
Hop onto Spaces and discover new interests. You can even host your own show! Just be prepared for a few technical hiccups (it happens to the best of us).

One of encouraging aspects of this shift to X is that it opens the door for more people to be paid for content that they create. In Web 2, the platforms e.g. Facebook, Google, and Twitter made the most money from the back of users. While it is yet to be determined how much of the creator economy will really be realized by X content creators, the ideas laid out are encouraging. Ultimately, I think this will open people’s eyes up across the board for a company, yet to be seen to create a fully decentralized Web3 ecosystem, allowing for people across the world to really profit from their work at much more of a one-to-one scale, of contribution to reward.

So, fasten your seatbelts, fellow X'ers, because we're about to take off on this thrilling journey of humor, creativity, and untold possibilities. X marks the spot, we just don’t know if that spot will be the place to be or not.